You have disaster movies and then you also have some disastrous disaster movies. Seriously, this movie is a bigger disaster than any of the disasters depicted in this movie.

This appears to be yet again one of those movies that was trying to cash in on the whole end of the world frenzy. It doesn't even bother to try to explain its plot. So, there is a super-storm, causing some big waves but how and why and who and blah, just never gets explained.

It's of course a low-budget production, so you also never really get a sense of the scale of the catastrophe. Apparently this super-storm is causing the end of the world but it's sort of funny how the movie doesn't make a big deal out of it when a major city gets destroyed but it's a catastrophe when a character looses something, or a bunch of bees die, or when there is a screw loose somewhere.

Also, when you don't really have a budget to work with, please don't make your movie so incredibly heavy on special effects! It's awful looking and there is stuff that's CG that didn't even needed to be CG. It's so distracting all and makes the movie even more needlessly ridicules and bad to watch.

Equally as bad is the acting, though in fairness, you could of course also blame the script and dialog for that. No actor could had uplifted this movie, it's just that poorly written all. Still, the actors definitely could had shown some more emotions at times, to give this movie at least some interesting drama and dynamics. But no, the movie as it is, is terribly, bland and unengaging and just doesn't really feature any characters that you start to care or root for.

It's absolutely a far from exciting or engaging movie to watch. And those two elements are probably the most important ones you want and expect to get out of a disaster movie. It fails on all levels, all due to some incompetent and lazy film-making.


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  1. I saw the sun when it rained and the blondie was the worst actor i have seen. I bet the used 20 dollars at this movie..

  2. A laugh out loud disaster film! From beginning to merciful end.

  3. Your spelling is bad and you should feel bad.