Yes, this is like a Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer spoof, only done better! Well, it's not like this is a comical masterpiece but you are likely to get more than a few laughs out of it.

It's a movie that should be shown to Friedberg & Seltzer. Seriously, this movie proofs that with just a bit more creativity and effort you could make a half decent comedy. Most of the comedy and spoof elements are about just as random but at least this time it all made me laugh. And for me it's always very simple; once a comedy can truly make me laugh, it's being a good and effective one, despite of everything else.

It's a very silly and random movie but it's done all very deliberate and this basically is a good movie to have a good and fun time with! Due to its randomness and silliness, the movie keeps on surprising all throughout, with the many stuff it keeps throwing at you.

It spoofs some of the obvious 2012 movies, along with some popular television shows. And no, not just horror related stuff, though that still of course plays a big part in this movie. I don't even think you need to have seen everything that this movie spoofs, in order to laugh at all of it. It doesn't necessarily make fun of the movies or television shows themselves, or certain scenes from it but more so on its premises and the characters that are in it.

I'm still glad that the movie is only about 75 minutes short though. Enough is enough and after a while you start to become somewhat tired of all of it. It's fast paced and keeps throwing new things at you every 10 seconds or so, which tends to get a bit exhausting to watch after a while.

This movie is on par, comedy-wise, with the better movies out of the Scary Movie-series and also definitely better than all of the movies from Friedberg & Seltzer combined!


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