Don't you just hate it when your expectations for a movie are already set low but the movie still manages to surpass them, by being even more worse than you could ever imaging.

It's hard to call some movies even movies, since some just don't seem worthy and besides this movie really doesn't have a good enough structure to call it one.

It besides is hardly an original movie. Just call it "Rosemary's Baby" meets "The Omen", only not done in a very creative or effective way. The concept of having a baby that kills might had worked for a comedy but it never works out as anything convincing in this movie really. The way he uses his 'powers' seem very random and it's just plain ridicules to watch all.

And that's the big problem with this movie. It's filled with either nonsensical or silly moments and absolutely nothing about it ever works out as anything convincing enough. You are basically watching the characters make the one stupid decision after the other and in this case that goes for basically every character that shows up in this movie! It's annoying to watch and might even anger you at points.

So how about the gore and horror? Well, none of that is ever present in this movie really, so no horror lover is going to enjoy this movie! Real horror lovers should be smart enough to simply stick to Rosemary's Baby" and "The Omen" instead!

The movie also features some absolutely horrible acting and dialog in it, which makes things even harder to watch! It truly brings the movie down even more and it's not like this movie is getting a better one either, once it starts heading toward its ending.

Totally unwatchable!


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  1. "More worse"? Are you kidding me? Grammar? Have you you heard of it? Additionally, it's ridiculous, not ridicules... ridicule is what I'm currently dumping on you... also it's an Asylum film, they are notorious for being bad, b, sometimes z grade films.