Zorro is just about one of the most entertaining characters out there but this movie is however far from always the most entertaining one!

I was never really impressed by this movie and the things that still saved it were some sporadic moments of pure pleasure and greatness. But I say sporadic and those moments are never present enough, throughout the entire movie. It are only the final 30 minutes that are truly great and fun to watch. Before that point, the movie is mostly lackluster and I have to say, even somewhat boring.

It's all mostly because the story never feels all that tight. It isn't taking a very interesting or new approach to the Zorro character and universe and the movie never really develops anything properly enough. The whole love-story falls incredibly flat but what's way worse is that the movie is missing a real conflict in it. The villains aren't really villainous enough and there is nothing in this movie that makes you want to root for Zorro, since you don't really know what he's fighting for in the first place.

And while the movie does have some great stunts in it, the action is still mostly lacking as well. It isn't shot all that well and the movie seemed to be struggling with its comedic elements as well. This is something that always had been a big part of the Zorro franchise but in this movie mostly works out as something that's too forced and really not effective enough. It's all part of the reason why this movie doesn't work out as the most entertaining one.

It's a bit of an obscure French and Italian production with also mostly French and Italian actors, filmed in Spain but set in Mexico, with dialog dubbed in English. It should tell you something about how wishy-washy the movie feels at times and it must had been a hard time, for those involved, to communicate with each other on the set, which all shows in the eventual movie.

Alain Delon is hardly the best or most memorable Zorro, even though he's a great actor of course. Luckily Stanley Baker, the man who was almost cast as the first James Bond, impresses more as the villain, in the last film role before his death. But as said before, his character not really written all that well, making him hardly one of the best or most memorable movie villains.

And the same could be said about the movie in its entirety; it's hardly the best or most memorable one around!


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