It sounds good on paper; An animated movie set in Africa, made by actual Africans. But it's not really a movie that's doing anything new and what's worse is that its being a movie without a good story and jokes in it.

Animation-wise, I'm actually not being too harsh toward this movie. Sure, it's not as slick and impressive looking as an average big Hollywood animated movie but it's definitely perfectly good and acceptable looking all. The movements look kind of awkward at times and the movie does look like it's missing one final layer to emphasize all of the details but really, it's not something that ruins the movie or is part of the reason why I didn't really liked watching this movie.

It became obvious, very early on already, that the movie didn't featured any of the best writing in it. This also became apparent with all of its jokes and 'funny' moments, that all were mostly lame and ineffective ones. Serously, I can't even imaging kids laughing at this, unless they are still very young and enjoy bright colors and characters slipping and crashing into stuff, for no apparent reason.

I can't even tell you what the movie its main story was supposed to be all about. I don't really know what the main character wanted to achieve, I don't know what the villains wanted and it actually was hard telling the many different character apart from each other. Not that they all looked alike, or weren't voiced by distinctive and recognizable enough actors but it just seemed to me that some of the characters were more or less the same with their personalities and the movie needlessly focused on far too many different (pointless) characters.

The movie itself didn't even really seem to know what it wanted to do and say with its story. It's therefore also lacking any heart and soul in it and all of the the more 'dramatic' and 'emotional' moments also fall incredibly flat because of that.

I couldn't care less about any of the characters and their story, to put things boldly. This is also the foremost reason why I couldn't ever enjoy watching this movie, since I felt so detached from all of it. 40 minutes in I already wanted the movie to end because I started to get fed up with all of it. But no, the movie of course went on and kept on introducing new characters and plot lines, which sounds as if it helped to make the movie more lively and far from boring but as a matter of fact, it only took me more out of the movie, even more.

Still amazing to see how many big name actors attached their name to this. Samuel L. Jackson, Jeff Goldblum, Abigail Breslin, Leonard Nimoy, it all lets it sound like this is a legitimately good and big animated movie but please don't be fooled by it. It's an incredibly lacking animated movies, not due to its animations but more so with its creativity and story instead.

Not that it's the worst movie you could ever come across but there still is no good reason for you to ever watch it!


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