So here it is! The first Taiwanese zombie flick. But does it add anything new to the genre or does everything right? Far from it really. It actually hardly is a good enough zombie flick to watch in the first place, not even for those who really are into the genre.

It might all come down to it that the movie tries a bit too hard. It tries too hard to be funny, too hard to be gory and too hard to be hip. It lets the movie feel like a wannabe, instead of a good enough genre flick of its own.

It's one of those zombie movies in which the entertainment and comedy is more important than its horror. At least that's the approach the movie picks and it's something that indeed could work out, as long as the movie is being creative and funny enough, which however isn't really ever the case with this movie.

Seemed that they still had plenty of ideas though but probably a bit too many of them as well. The movie is filled with many characters, each involving different plot lines as well, making this movie feel a bit crowded at times. If only the movie would had focused on developing one main plot line into something good, fun and interesting, instead of trying to do 4 different things at the same time, without really having the space and time for it. That way the movie might had been a bit more simplistic and straightforward but yet better and more effective to watch at the same time as well.

It's also a bit too obvious all that all involved with this movie didn't really had much experience yet. This especially goes for the acting, that is pretty horrible in parts, to be frank.

But same can be said for the CG effects (yes, there also is CG blood in this) and the highly annoying editing style, that was supposed to give the movie pace and style but instead worked out as something distracting and hard to watch.

Other than that, it remains a good looking movie, that definitely deserves some respect and praise as well. Of course especially when considering this movie didn't had an enormous budget and most people involved had absolutely no experience with film-making at the time.

The makeup effects for all of the zombies are actually pretty good, though still there never really is a sense of threat coming from any of them, since the movie never goes for an all out horror approach with anything. The scariest moments still come from its living human characters, which is a bit of an odd thing to note.

A bit of a failed attempt, that however still at the same time deserves some praise as well for some of its achievements. I still can't really recommend it to anyone though.


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