Let me just start off by saying this is far from the worst genre movie I have ever seen. Unlike what its reputation would suggest, it does have some quality to it and is not a complete wreck. Sure, it's all quite bad but trust me, there are far more worse horror flicks out there.

At least the movie doesn't have a terrible and cheap look to it. It even got made with some creativity involved. Not that everything worked out very well but you at least have to give the movie some credit for trying.

And to be fair; the movie doesn't start off all that bad. It was bad and formulaic but still watchable. This however all did change when the movie started to make some odd choices and became an incredibly random and messy one with its story.

Funny thing about the story is that it involves goblins, even though in the first movie they got called trolls and the name of this movie would also suggest it features trolls in it. Not that it matters all that much, since they basically have the same look to them as the ones in the first movie. They still operate differently and have different motives, which is part of the reason why this movie feels completely detached from the first movie.

But that's all hardly the biggest problem with its story. It's not only nonsensical but also incredibly messily constructed. It's weird to see how random the movie suddenly got, the moment they headed out to the countryside. Pointless scenes, characters doing odd things and bad story developments that don't add up to anything or make any sense to begin with. It all makes it quite hard to finish watching this movie, unless you are a lover of bad cinema. It's an interesting failure to some but completely horrible for most others to watch.

Only thing that's worse than its story is its acting. And it's not even the young kid this time who is the most annoying or gives away the worst performance of the movie. Everybody is just as bad in this and deliver all of their lines in an incredible wooden way. It even lets some of the dialog work out as unintentionally funny.

Not that this movie was ever meant to be a completely serious one though. Just like its predecessor, it's not really being a horror to begin with. It's too light and not focused enough on any its horror elements for that. This movie features even less gore or killings than the first movie and the trolls, or goblins in this case, came across as even less threatening.

Not the worst but it's still a pretty awful movie of course!


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