The line on the cover should already tell you enough; 'Twilight meets Tarantino!' You know this is just a cheap marketing ploy, needed to sell at least a couple of copies. And if this truly was a successful crossover between the Twilight franchise and the style of a Tarantino movie, this movie would at least had been a better known one than it is right now.

It also has absolutely nothing to do with the actual movie by the way. It in no way covers what the movie is all about or its overall style and atmosphere.

The movie itself doesn't really feature a compelling enough story or characters in it. Bad and confusing thing about the movie is that you could see pretty much everyone as a bad guy in this, since literally every character kills at least 1 innocent person in this. And not just for blood but sometimes simply because they were witness of something they weren't supposed to see. It doesn't help much that people keep changing alliances and every 5 minutes have a different opinion of something. It makes it hard to really know who to root or care for anyone in this movie and after a while you'll most likely simply give up on it as well.

The story is also absolutely lacking some gravity. What was it's main storyline supposed to be all about in the first place? There is not a strong enough conflict in the movie, or something you could care about as a viewer. And things really don't get any better as the movie keeps going along. The movie is lacking any good developments and most of the time it really isn't going anywhere exciting or engaging.

So are there at least some nice vampire moments in this? Not really. And also nothing we haven't seen before in anything else. Guess the movie for most part wanted to be a cool vampire flick with its style and characters but it fails miserably at this, since both its style and characters are heavily lacking in this.

It's a cheap made movie, so you shouldn't expect any grand action in the first place. It's all very simplistic and even though the movie tries hard to be gory at times, it really doesn't work out as a gory or tough vampire flick. So just because you like vampires won't be enough reason for you to going to like or enjoy this movie.

Really nothing worth seeing.


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