Honestly, this movie is nothing that bad. It might not be the most exciting, original, or involving ones but it at least still provides some decent enough entertainment and never becomes a truly awful one or a complete bore-fest.

The movie is very simplistic with its setup, which is the main reason why it doesn't ever feels like a very original or clever movie. Nothing comes as a surprise in this one but it still handles its material well enough. Or perhaps I should add that I have seen worse. Far worse than this movie!

Due to its budget, this is not the most action packed or exciting action flick you are ever likely to come across but I do feel that the movie does a good enough job keeping your interest. It does so by not underestimating its audience and by making its main characters likable enough.

Of course the characters in this movie make some stupid decisions but nothing of the 'offensively stupendous' sort. That's also what I mean by saying that the movie doesn't underestimate its audience. It's far from a likely movie but at least none of the events in this movie ever feel ridicules. It's all exaggerated but it never goes over-the-top. I really do believe that's why the movie still works out as decent enough entertainment and never feels boring, horrible or annoying.

Main thing that's still keeping the movie down is its acting. Especially the actors playing the villains in this are simply horrible. It's disappointing, also since villains often are such an important aspect for movies such as this.

It's obviously nothing too great or original but I do see this movie as one that's perfectly passable for on a rainy or lazy afternoon.


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