It's true most Rolf de Heer movies require a certain taste but in all truth and honesty, his movies are actually still perfectly accessible ones, despite not having the most common themes or approaches to them. His movies are simply different, which is not the same as weird or pretentious. Call it original or unique instead!

This basically is a very fun movie to watch, while the movie itself does a minimum amount of effort to be entertaining. It has a very simple plot, set in an ordinary world, with some ordinary people, who get pushed over the edge, due to their noisy neighbor. All sounds very ordinary but the movie has the sort of subtly quirky touch to it, which lets all of the ordinary people and situations work out as some not so ordinary people and situations. It's an absurd comedy above anything else really but one of the most subtle kind. And really, as far as these type of movies go, this is definitely one of the more thoroughly effective and entertaining ones.

Due to its style and approach the movie also never has a slow or dull moment in it, even though not an awful lot is happening, once you really start thinking about it. It's also never boring because you basically never know what is going to happen next and what direction the movie is going to take. It also helps a lot that the movie has some likable characters in it, especially the two leads. Just an average couple, living their normal lives, who both are very easy to identify with and grow attached to.

Also because the movie had such a light tone to it, I was able to pretty much enjoy every minute of it. It never tried to be deliberately heavy or funny, with any of its themes or moments and it's a very humble, little movie, to watch, made to give you a good, fun time. And at that, this movie most definitely never fails!

A great, fun movie, that probably no one is going to see unfortunately. It's too low-key and Rolf de Heer isn't really a, what you could call, box office draw, not even in 'his' Australia. And that's all a real shame!


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