Bottom line is that this movie tries a bit too hard. It desperately wants to be a hip and Tarantino like gangster flick but it does so by featuring mostly extremely exaggerated and silly moments and characters in it. It doesn't exactly make this a likely movie and not all of it adds to its entertainment value either. Sometimes it only works against the movie and prevents it from becoming something truly great and creative.

Because of its humor it gets extremely hard to take the movie serious in any way. You could even say this is more of a comedy than anything else really, which means that the rawness and action of the movie doesn't ever come across as something that works out very well. There is never a really good balance between its different elements and sometimes you are not sure whether you were supposed to laugh or cringe at a certain bloody and violent scene.

I still feel that the movie could had worked out well, if only it had a more tight and involving script. First of all, it was a bit of a mistake for the movie to make its main characters such hardcore criminals, who kill, even innocent persons, within the blink of an eye and never feel sorry about anything and basically do anything for money. They are not really redeeming and likable enough characters, even though the movie still tries very hard to turn them into such characters.

But also the main story itself is far from involving enough. It's a bit too simplistic in its setup and the way everything plays out. I actually thought it was funny how similar it seemed to "Gigli", which is one of the most hated and bashed movies of recent years. I sincerely don't think this was intentional and all was a big coincidence but it should tell you something about how 'great' its story is.

Only thing that the movie still has going for it is its style. It still looks like a well made movie, even though in its core it really isn't. At least the movie is always nice to look at and besides has a good pace to it, so you're never really bored with anything. Who knows, maybe if the next time the director gets an higher budget and some different writers to work on his movie, he would be capable of delivering a good and entertaining enough flick. This movie just isn't quite it, though it still has some hints of a good and fun movie in it at times.

The biggest draw of this movie will probably be Billy Bob Thornton and Eva Longoria but don't be fooled people, they only play supporting roles in this and play roles that basically could had been played by anybody. Not really sure why they were involved anyway and it came across to me like they were doing someone a favor by attaching their names to this movie, without having to put too much time and effort into it.

It's not a complete disaster or terrible movie to watch but it's also far from a great movie really. It definitely failed at what it tried- and desperately wanted to be.


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