You have comedies and then you have some comedies that are...well, not even comedies really. But what's even worse about this movie is that it's not just a lacking comedy but also a terrible mess of a movie!

Something went terribly wrong here. Don't know what really happened but it seemed to me that at some time during production they ran out of either time or money, or both and had to rush it to completion.

The movie is horribly constructed and the movie never has a really pleasant or natural flow to it. As a matter of fact, it feels like entire scenes are missing at times, that were supposed to set the mood or help to buildup a certain plot line for a certain character. Now often stuff just happens, without a half decent buildup to any of it. This means that a person can be the one moment happy about something, while in the next he/she is suddenly sad of fed up with the same thing or person, just to give an example.

The way characters respond to situations and each other is often crazy and terribly confusing. People constantly change opinions of each other, without giving you an apparent reason as to why a certain character suddenly makes such a 360 degree turn.

It is a big part of the reason why none of the characters ever work out in this movie. None of them are set well enough up and also therefore are never quite likable and involving enough to follow around, throughout this movie. On top of that, Rebecca Hall was an absolutely horrible lead in this. She might be a good actress, just not for this type of movie, in this type of role. She acts in the sort of exaggerated and over-the-top comedy way, that you might get away with in a Will Ferrell movie but this is simply not a Will Ferrell type of comedy at all.

It's truly a comedy without any comedy. Only thing you could say the movie its approach and style is good for is that it helps to keep things light. But really, I just don't see how anyone could get any laughs out of this movie, simply because there are absolutely no real comical situations in it, or any clever and witty type of dialog.

And I also just really don't get why you would want to cast Bruce Willis in your movie when you are going for a comedy approach. He's still great and has plenty of charisma and screen presence to him but just not in this movie. He feels terribly out of place and seemed to be constantly struggling with both the script and the dialog. And you might think; 'well, at least Vince Vaughn still shows up in it. He probably still adds plenty to the movie its comedy.' But really no, he doesn't. His role is pretty small and besides too insignificant, to leave an impact of any kind.

It's quite amazing how many great actors showed up in this but perhaps it's no big surprise since it got directed by Stephen Frears, who still has a pretty big and good name in the industry, especially when it comes down to comedies. This movie is however perhaps his biggest misfire, as of yet!

It seemed, especially during its second half, like the actors and film-makers themselves had given up on this movie as well and literally had no idea what scene they were doing, what their lines were supposed to mean and how it would fit into the movie. It really feels that messy and horrible all.

It's truly more terrible then you could ever imagine!


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