This most definitely isn't the most original genre movie around but I do admit, that for of a movie of this sort and caliber, which such a low budget, this is a pretty good watch!

It's amazing how much this movie 'borrows' from other, better known, genre movies, such as "Inception" and "Minority Report", just to name the two most obvious ones. This all annoyed me at first but I have to give the movie some credit for coming up with plenty of good and original developments of their own as well. So while not being very original with its main concept, the movie still works out good and original enough thanks to its own story.

Other than that, it's still not the most involving and exciting movie to watch. This is a sort of movie that would had worked out much better with some better drama and characters involved. If I would had cared for any of that, this still would had been an absolutely great movie to watch, despite of everything else.

You sort of feel the film-makers went over their own heads at times and treated their project like something that was much more clever and groundbreaking than it in fact truly was. Not that the movie is pretentious but the movie does make things hard on itself at times, due to its approach. I actually do believe that with a more simplified approach, especially toward its ending, this potentially could had been a more involving and effective movie to watch.

And since this is a low budget production, it's also lacking any sort of action, which could had spiced things up a little bit more. The movie still has a good pace to it but one or two chase scenes/shootouts probably wouldn't had done this movie any harm.

It seriously is still a good enough watch, certainly better than expected but still not one that's worthy of too much praise.


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