Westerns never really have been my thing, let alone new age westerns. Modern style of film-making just doesn't feel all that suitable for the western genre, in my opinion, so I'm never really excited to watch a new one when it comes out. And perhaps this is also the attitude you should have toward this movie. That way, when your expectations for it aren't too high, this movie won't disappoint you and might even surprise you, since its definitely not a bad movie at all. Nothing too remarkable but certainly not as bad as you perhaps would expect.

It's a well enough made movie, all things considering. I mean, this clearly is not a movie with a too high budget, or else it also wouldn't had featured Christian Slater as the main star but it still does a lot of things well and never becomes a horrible or boring movie to watch.

The main reason why this still remains a far from great movie is its story. It's just a tad bit too simplistic all and not all that engaging. It besides seems to be lacking a certain roughness and rawness to it, making this movie feel like a bit of a fluffy western-wannabe. It has a bit too many soap opera like developments to it as well, which really wasn't all that necessary for the movie and its main story.

Sure, I know this movie is based off on an early John Wayne movie but even John Wayne made some disappointing westerns, of which "The Dawn Rider" was one. So it's not like its source material was any more solid really and they actually did very little to improve on it.

You still might expect something more or something special since Donald Sutherland also stars in this but this is what Sutherland is often up to now days; starring in as many bad low budgeted productions as he can, when he isn't working on something big, as if he hasn't build up enough pension yet. Besides, it's a small part and he doesn't really impress with it.

I have to say the action is somewhat decent in this and it at least shows some blood as well, which is not something that could be said for every western out there. There are a couple of nice shootouts, that seem more suitable for an action flick but they are welcome additions to this movie, regardless.

The movie really is nothing too great but it's still much better than you most likely would expect.


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