No, this is not the long awaited Salacious B. Crumb biopic but a documentary about a cartoonist by the same name. But both actually still do have some things in common; an annoying laugh and they are either both hated or loved by the general public.

This is the sort of documentary I like watching. It's not the sort of documentary that tries to educate you on things, by telling you the A-Z history of a person, from birth till death or from rise till fall. It's simply more the sort of documentary that follows its main subject around, without interfering with his life really. It's not necessarily trying to tell you a story but it's more an attempt to take you into the world and mind of a controversial cartoonist and see what drives, motivates and inspires him.

Through his art you gradually start to understand the person and trough his personalities you gradually begin to understand his artwork. Even when you don't really like his personality or are into his works, it's still an interesting watch. Robert Crumb is by no means a dull or average subject, even while in essence he's a very quiet and withdrawn person, that probably would prefer living in his own fantasy world over the real world.

The documentary still focuses on those around him as well, which helps to give you a complete view of things. It's also a positive thing about this documentary that it's not just focusing on the good and positive things but also on some of the more dark stuff and focuses on why Crumb is known and regarded as a controversial artist. It's a mostly objective documentary in that regard, that isn't in love with its main subject or his works.

Like I said, you really don't have to be into Robert Crumb's artwork, or like him as a person in order to appreciate this documentary. It's an interesting watch about an interesting person, that never gets a too heavy or serious watch. It takes a more humble and simplistic approach, without forcing anything, which really helps you to understand the movie its main subject.


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