Even though it's nothing special, this still remains a good genre flick, that's perfectly watchable for the lovers of gore and slasher movies.

There are many horror movies that take place in subway systems and sure, why not? It's dark, it's creepy and even though it's build by humans it still has an alien like look and feeling to it. In other words, perfectly suitable for a dark, atmospheric horror flick. And this movie is just that as well. It however also suffers from some of the same problems similar genre movies suffer from; it's being mostly repetitive and predictable.

Of course it's hard to come up with constantly new original and creative stuff, when you have a movie that's mostly taking place at one location, in this case a subway station. I do feel that this movie tried though. For the first half it's being a typical slasher, in which a killer randomly kills. The second half of the movie is more one in which its main character is trying to survive and get out. This change in the movie comes the moment the killer gets fully shown. From that point on he also gets featured more prominently, which is something not every horror lover is going to like about this movie. It of course takes away the mystery and also some of its tension but I still do feel it replaced with plenty of other good genre ingredients, making this still a perfectly watchable little genre flick.

It's a competently made movie, that perhaps never becomes an effectively scary one but still has a good and constant look and atmosphere to it. It's obvious some time and effort went into all of it and this wasn't just a simple throw away project, for anyone involved. This also shows with all of its gore. Yes, this is definitely a slasher with some real good gore in it, though its nothing that's going to shock the most hardened genre lover.

The movie is what it is and all things considering, it's not a bad one at all! It has a simplistic, straightforward story, which also makes the movie mostly predictable but at the same time, it still handles all of it very well, making this a still slightly better than average genre attempt.


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