It's fair to say that the days of truly sappy and melodramatic, low budget, movies are behind us and luckily movies of this caliber do indeed try a bit harder nowadays to be truly heartfelt and original as well, without just relying on sappy melodrama.

Not that this movie is great but it at least is a bearable one. It actually was far more tolerable than I had anticipated and I have to say that I was simply enjoying the movie for what it was. For most part that is.

It was however also true that the longer the movie went on the more tired I got of it. With movies such as this, you already know in advance how everything is going to transpire and eventually end. And indeed this movie is also one by the numbers and doesn't really feature any surprises in it. The longer the movie goes on, the more annoying this gets, since you are simply waiting for the end, that you know is going to come.

It of course tries to create some drama and develop some dramatic plot lines but the problems that people were having in this movie were never big or serious problems. There was never a sense of true despair or drama but that of course was not being the point for this movie. After all, it's an holiday movie, even though Christmas itself doesn't even play a big part in this at all. Guess it's only a Christmas movie in spirit and with all of its warmth and messages it's trying to send out.

And it certainly is an harmless and cute enough little movie to enjoy for those who are simply in the mood for something light to watch, during the holidays.

The movie features some good and fun characters in it, though I have to say I wasn't all that fond of the female lead, played by Eloise Mumford. They made her a bit too goofy, no doubt in an attempt to let her come across as someone cute but instead she comes across as just a plain stupid person. She wasn't all that likable so yes, the whole love-story most definitely fell flat to me but it's just a part of the movie and not the one main plot line that everything revolves around, luckily.

It's obviously nothing too great or something that is going to affect your life in any way or form but the movie simply is what it is and it remains a surprisingly watchable and cute enough one.


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