Of course I can see the movie its intentions and I'll be fair, it wasn't all a horrible idea to start off with but it's just that the overall execution of it is severely lacking.

It's obviously a sappy Christmas movie, made with church money it appears. That means it has plenty of messages in it, perhaps even more so than normal other Christmas movies. Not that it's constantly all in your face with it but it is pretty noticeable all throughout. And it really could had worked out, if only the different plot lines and characters were all a bit more involving and interesting.

Problem with all of the story lines and characters is that they are all supposed to have some troubles with life and each other but none of the problems ever come across as ones that couldn't be resolved by taking 1 action, saying 1 sentence to each other, or just by giving each other 1 hug. None of the problems feel serious or heavy enough and the way it all gets resolved is pretty far from convincing or powerful as well. Because of this, all of the messages about family values and marriage and such, all fall flat.

It's a very safe and clean movie to watch and therefore also terribly ineffective. What is anyone ever supposed to take out of this movie, when none of the problems and resolutions feel real enough in the first place? Just one or two outbursts from any of the characters could had done wonders for this movie but the movie clearly doesn't want to be such a movie.

My favorite part is when the guy starts singing and the sound suddenly changes to clear studio quality, with probably not even the same guy singing the song. It's so out of the blue and absolutely priceless! A true Christmas miracle I guess...

The acting is all of TV type of quality, with as a low point Valin Shinyei as the little autistic kid. It fails hard, since the young actor clearly isn't autistic himself and the film-makers had absolutely no idea how to portray an autistic person.

A Christmas movie you will get absolutely nothing out of!


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  1. If you watch one of the special features, it shows that the man singing in the movie wrote the last song and sang both songs in the movie.