Talking about movies that are going absolutely nowhere. I kept waiting for this movie to get to its point or to develop into something interesting. But in other words, I kept waiting for things that never came.

I just don't see what's the point of this movie or what it was trying to say with its story. Still not really sure yet if the movie was supposed to be serious and realistic drama or one that leaned more toward entertainment. I think it was all supposed to be something serious and heartfelt, which makes this movie all the more embarrassing to watch, since it completely fails as such, also since it provides absolutely no solutions or answers for anything.

It seriously seems as if this movie was thinking it was being an important lesson for kids, by showing crime doesn't pay and you should keep going to school and watch carefully who you become friends with. Only problem is that it all gets presented in such an unlikely way that none of it ever works out as something believable or effective.

I'm not saying stuff like this doesn't ever happen in real life but the whole way this movie presents it is very unlikely. It has such a weak buildup to it, in which things never ever goes subtle and everything just happens and changes for its main character, without an apparent reason or decent enough buildup to any of it.

And how were we supposed to even care for any of its characters? The way they came across to me was that they were being nothing more but a bunch of annoying losers, acting and talking and walking like tough guys. So annoying but what was even more annoying that none of the actors seemed to have any prior experience and they just got picked off the streets to play in this movie. I don't know, perhaps this was all intentional, to add to the movie its 'authenticity' but simple fact remains that it didn't worked out too well for the movie.

I do admit that the movie became better toward the end, when things finally started to go somewhere decent but it all was too little, too late. And really, once things are starting to get interesting, the movie is suddenly over!

An embarrassing movie really.


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