The movie for most part remains stuck somewhere between being a successful and a not so very successful one. It was a good enough attempt but not everything works out, due to its writing and approach.

This is the sort of movie that wants to be taken very seriously. It's a raw, realistic, crime movie, with also a more slower type of approach to it. This means that it's also purely story- and character driven and you don't have to expect any standout moments. It wants to be too subtle and low-key for that, which is fine, if only the story got brought in a somewhat more intriguing way.

The story, as it is, is not always easy and pleasant to follow. From pretty early on already the movie makes us doubtful what's real and what isn't and is only in the main character's mind. The movie deliberately keeps you in the dark on most of it, which doesn't necessarily create good tension or mystery for the movie though. It only makes things needlessly complicated, while it really didn't had the right type of script for that. The movie really could had used a more tight story, with some better and more interesting developments and also characters in it.

I liked that the movie was being somewhat different from usual though. Even though you could compare it to a whole bunch of other movies that attempted to do the same, this movie still really keeps on doing its own thing. The movie feels like a breath of fresh air but I wish I could also say it was being a great and a truly successful creative and clever movie.

Yes, it's the type of movie that thinks it's being better and more clever than it in fact truly is. Luckily the movie doesn't ever get pretentious about it but this still is the sort of movie that's not just for everyone, so be sure what to expect before watching it. It might be a pleasant surprise for you, though it really is not the sort of the movie the majority of people is going to just like.

It honestly still is a good enough movie in my opinion but I just can't say it's successful at everything it wanted to achieve with its approach and story.


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  1. Probably would have been a much stronger film had the director, David Jacobson, not illegally bastardized Matthew F. Jones'original script of his novel, BOOT TRACKS, a classic in noir fiction: