It might come as a surprise but I really wasn't all that taken with this movie. It featured an alright enough and original concept but it did far too little with it to let this movie work out as a greatly entertaining and also truly original genre movie as well.

Problem for me was that the movie really was being too simplistic and straightforward. It's basically an adventurous traveling movie, in which the main character travels through a video game world and meets all kind of fantasy, video game characters and gets in some crazy situations with them. This still sounds perfectly fine but I wish I could also say that the movie handled its concept well. It's just a tad bit too childish all and I never felt that the movie showed me, or did, anything new.

This really should had been a more fantasy orientated movie, which would had allowed the writers and animators to use some more creativity as well. There is so much they could had done with its video game world and characters but I never got to see enough of any of them. At least not to my liking.

Perhaps this was an even bigger problem than its story; the characters weren't quite likable and involving enough. Ralph himself should had been a warmer and more sympathetic character really. Perhaps that way I would had cared a bit more for the story and all his motivations as well. The story and motivations never came across as all that important and relevant, probably also because it too often got handled in a too shallow and forced way. The movie besides was lacking a strong and good villain, that could had given things a bit more depth, meaning and excitement.

Not that the movie as it is is boring or horrible to watch but nothing about it works out as well as it potential could had and that's all very obvious and really harmed the movie. The movie as it is is too shallow, simplistic and not involving enough. Luckily it's still entertaining to watch, which for most part is thanks to its fast pace and great animations.


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