It's odd how this movie tries to combine deep thought provoking drama with science-fiction action/adventure elements. The movie never really feels like a well balanced movie and besides has plenty of other problems to it as well.

Can't say it's a horrible movie but at the same time I also just don't understand what they were thinking. Yes, they make some bad choices with its story and storytelling but it was not like the story itself was a very solid or interesting one to begin with.

Foremost thing with its story is; there is no real conflict. It seems very trivial all and there never ever is truly a sense of danger anywhere throughout the movie. This also can be blamed on the fact that it doesn't really feature a good and often visible main villain in it. But to be honest, this is a problem basically ever Star Trek movie suffers from, so it's hardly the one or main thing that makes this a mostly ineffective and disappointing movie.

Perhaps it more has to do with it that I just couldn't ever care about its main story. The movie forcefully tries to make you sympathize with a small population of a planet, who's inhabitants have the eternal youth. But I'm story, I just never felt any involvement with any of them and couldn't care less whether they lived or died and their existence never felt all that important and relevant anyway. None of the characters ever felt interesting or likable enough, which also made the messages and themes of the movie fall kind of short.

I won't call the movie boring but it is needlessly slow at times, when it tries to establish some more depth with it story. It just isn't ever taking the movie anywhere good and it feels like the story had plenty of good ideas in it but just had the guts to execute any of it. It remains mostly very shallow all.

Even the special effects are disappointing. Definitely below par, even for a 1998 movie and especially when you compare it to the previous and far superior Star Trek movie entry; "Star Trek: First Contact". That's what happens when you trade in ILM for some smaller and less experienced studios.

And normally I don't really complain about this with any Star Trek movie but the acting is definitely a downer as well. As a matter of fact, I have to admit that acting-wise I even prefer the old Star Trek cast, with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, over this one. Jonathan Frakes is even more wooden and over-the-top than Shatner's for instance but all of this always gets bloomed by the fact it also starred Patrick Stewart in it, who was always carrying the show and movie-series and never disappointed. Other than that, all of the other actors just don't ever manage to impress, within any of the other movies and TV-series episodes, with except the exception of Brent Spiner perhaps.

It's not a bad movie but it certainly borders it.


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