Generally this movie is being regarded as one of the best Star Trek movies and rightfully so! Besides, it's a genuinely good science-fiction movie and just movie in general!

In essence it's featuring a simplistic and straightforward main story again but things get spiced up and made interesting by the fact that the movie is for most part taking place at 3 different locations, all at the same time. We have Picard battling the Borg aboard the Enterprise, Riker on Earth, trying to help out Zefram Cochran and plot line with Data in the Borg queen's chamber. It keeps switching back and forth, which keeps things going and interesting as well. It never dwells or sticks with one main character for too long and besides the beauty of all of it is that each of the different story lines strengthens the other and are all intertwined of course.

What makes the movie all the more effective are its villains. I'm not necessarily talking about the Borg queen but more the Borg themselves. They are big, threatening, zombie, terminator-like characters making them scary as well as strong adversaries. And unlike most of the other Star Trek movies, the main story doesn't focus on the villain(s) and their evil plan and the Star Trek crew trying to resolve this. It more focuses on the Star Trek crew getting something done themselves. It's an interesting take on things and perhaps also lets them come across less hero-like and more human-like instead. It makes the story also warmer and more involving, as opposed to the coldness of some of the previous other Star Trek movies.

There is plenty of room for personal stuff in this movie, without ever becoming a soap-opera. The characters all feel fleshed out and have an interesting background story to them. You don't necessarily need to have seen any of the previous Star Trek movies or TV-series episodes to understand- and get to know the characters in this movie. It still helps though, fore some things the movie still relies on it that you have seen "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episodes, leading up to this movie.

But all of the drama and characters aside, this of course above all things this remains a science-fiction movie. And as far as Star Trek movies go, this is definitely one of the more spectacular ones. There is plenty of action in it, as well as a big space battle, which is a bit of an oddity for a Star Trek movie, believe it or not. The special effects are besides looking better than ever before on any other Star Trek movie and this definitely feels like an high-budgeted science-fiction action/adventure, also with all of its settings, costumes and makeup involved.

The movie further more features a great and beautiful musical score by Jerry Goldsmith, who with his music pretty much embodies this movie and the Star Trek-series in general.

This is the one great Star Trek movie to watch, even when you really aren't into Star Trek at all.


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  1. Yea, you're right in that you don't really need to have seen the series to get the gist of the characters, but knowing the history between Picard and the Borg makes the Ahab scene much more memorable and awesome. That's actually one of my favorite scenes in all of TNG. Someone once criticized Picard's motivation in the movie as going against character, but that's a shallow and misguided opinion, I think. But yea...First Contact is awesome. The Queen is a bit of an oddity, though. The Borg is a hive mind, and I think they just wanted to put a face to them so movie audiences would "get it." Still, there's worse things they could have done there.

  2. That last comment was mine. No idea why it says Unknown. It's not logging me in properly.