The first "Silent Hill" movie already was a bit of a disappointment but it's even more disappointing to see how they didn't improved much for its sequel. As a matter of fact, it's worse and most definitely also more lacking as an horror flick.

As it often comes down to, it's mostly its story that is making this movie such an ineffective one. The movie has a really bad flow to it, that feels like it's constantly building up to something that just never comes. There is not a clear enough main plot line to begin with, that gets you involved with anything. There is no real 'conflict' in the story so to speak, or I should rather say that the movie doesn't ever make apparent what the one and main conflict for the movie was supposed to be. Multiple things get brought up, as if the movie itself was trying out different things, to see what plot line worked and which one didn't. Too bad they didn't elaborated or build any further on the ones that did seem interesting and involving enough.

It just too often feels like random stuff is happening in the movie. 'Here is a monster! What, he's beaten? But wait! Here's another one!' The movie throws so many random stuff and different types of monstrous and evil looking characters, that you never know anything about, unless you are familiar with the video games. It's just the one event after the other, without having a clear enough purpose to its story or to each other even.

And because the movie throws so many horror related stuff at you, it also starts to become repetitive and therefore ineffective, after a very short while already. It doesn't matter much that the movie has a good and dark, horror, look and atmosphere to it. There is just no way you'll get scared by this and there is no way an horror lover will be capable of completely enjoying this movie all the way through. Sure, it has its moments but it's not quite enough to save this movie from being a below average one.

Another annoying aspect about it's storytelling is that it constantly tries to explain everything. The movie really for most part consists out of people talking and explaining their evil needs and plans. Every time our main character enters a room there is a character explaining a crucial plot point to her. She goes outside, there is another character telling her something new, without ever letting it feel like our main character is truly investigating and coming up with a plan herself. So perhaps it's no wonder why you most likely won't ever feel involved with the main character.

Probably also because of its script, the acting feels very lacking in this one. Most of the actors give away some horrible performances, which doesn't exactly helps to let things work out ever well or convincing enough.

Also the special effects were a bit below par, every now and then, which again was also a reason why I just couldn't ever get into this movie. And it's a special effects heavy, so it often becomes a distracting aspect.

Can't say it's the worst genre movie of recent years, that I have seen but it's still a step down from the already disappointing first movie and we can only hope that the third movie, which most likely shall get made one day, learns from the mistakes this- and the first movie made. Somehow I'm skeptic about it though.


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