Ever since Osama Bin Laden got killed, most of us have been wondering how it all went down exactly. This is perhaps the very first big production concerning the subject and it does provide some more insight and takes us through the steps that eventually led up to the death of Bin Laden.

The entire movie is setup and told like a documentary, with as a difference that it actually in fact is a movie, with actors in it. And not just any actors but well known ones as well. William Fichtner, Freddy Rodríguez, Xzibit, they all play big parts in the movie. The main purpose of this movie is still to inform and educate you on its subject, so please don't expect a typical straightforward movie, with dramatic twists, real character development and over-the-top action in it.

It's a movie you can get very easily taken by, since it does a good job at leading up to the eventual raid. The movie shows not just Seal Team 6, as the title perhaps would suggest but also follows other operatives in Washington and Pakistan involved with the careful planning and execution of the mission. It's mostly tense and involving stuff to watch, even while you of course already know how the movie is going to end.

The movie easily had gone over-the-top with false sentiments and forced patriotism but the movie as it is comes across as pretty fair and restrained and manages to maintain a consistent style, all throughout. It's probably due to its more documentary-style like approach that it works out so consistent and effective.

Despite the low budget, it's still a really good looking movie. It does in fact looks like it got made with the full support of the Navy SEALs and as if the entire movie got shot in location, though this all in fact is very doubtful to be truly the case.

I did really like this movie for what it was. It's obviously not a movie with an enormous budget behind it or one that is made to bring any spectacular action or heart wrenching moments. but it's effective and successful at what it does and tells with its story!


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