This simply is a movie to have some fun and a good time with. Especially when you are in the right mood for it, this can be a great little movie to watch.

As formulaic as its main premise sounds, the movie itself is actually quite original. It most definitely is not a typical genre movie by the numbers, in which you can predict every little detail. It's nice to see some time and effort went into the writing of this movie, making it a mostly effective and charming one. For that alone this movie is already deserving more credit than it currently is receiving.

And don't worry about this movie being too childish either, fore it really isn't. This is a movie the whole family can enjoy and despite the fact it's a Nickelodeon movie, it isn't just focused toward young teenagers. It's a actually a pretty raunchy and daring movie at times, for Nickelodeon standards of course. Nothing that should scar a child's tender soul but still, it's all very notable, with both its dialog and images.

Basically the whole way this movie is constructed makes it come across as a fun and adventurous movie, when the main character's little brother runs off, during Halloween evening. Thing I also liked about the story is that it's basically being a 3 way story, following the little brother, the sister and their mother around, who each have their individual plot lines going on and are involved with many different characters, throughout the entire movie. And all of them do come across some great and crazy characters, as well as some crazy and fun situations, making this movie one big, entertaining adventure. And again, it's not the typical and formulaic kind of stuff and characters they run into, which remains the foremost reason why the movie works out so well.

Of course it's really nothing too great but it simply is a good, short, movie to have a good time with.


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