People often keep saying it's impossible for movies to do something original or have an original story to it and simply accept that movies keep 'borrowing' stuff from other movies and television shows. Personally I never agreed with any of this. There still is plenty of original stuff you could do with movies and there are plenty of untold stories yet to tell. "Flight" is yet another example of an original movie story- and storytelling.

Having said that; I won't call this movie the movie of the year as well. After all it's not perfect but it sure is one fine and perfectly watchable movie.

Besides featuring an original concept and main story it also features an interesting main character, that's a far from heroic and perfect one. He's heavily flawed as an human being, as are most people in real life. It gives the movie a sense of realism to it as well and I liked that the Denzel Washington kept doing unexpected and the 'wrong' things all throughout the movie. It kept the movie interesting, original and surprising and besides helped to make the ending an even better satisfying and strong one. And even while he does some despicable things throughout the movie, it's never like you are condemning him for it as well, or stop caring for the character or the outcome of the story. You can thank the script and director Robert Zemeckis for that but of course also Denzel Washington, who yet again can add a great performance to his résumé.

Still the story has some issues to it as well. It doesn't always feels focused enough and at times throws too many distractions at you, that in the end don't add an awful lot to the movie or its story. Some characters could had even so easily been left out but still I understand why the movie did all of this. It was supposed to keep things going and to make it about more than just it's main plot line but some better writing, that would had connected things a bit more tight and interestingly, was required for it to let it fully work out all.

This really was the one main thing that prevented me from loving this movie. Of course that doesn't mean the movie is a failure or not worth watching. It remains a good movie to watch all throughout, despite of its lesser moments and the choices it makes at times.

The movie is a human drama, without any of the false and forced sentiments and with plenty of interesting developments to it, that never feel far fetched. It besides is not an heavy movie to watch at all and it times even has a light tone to it. This all feels consistent with Robert Zemeckis' earlier and similar works, such as "Cast Away" for example. This movie also marks the return of Zemeckis to real life filmmaking again, after his, not all too successful, continues attempts at making motion capture movies. I think we can also all agree on it that this is were Zemeckis belongs and needs to continue doing, though he's currently already working on a new motion capture movie. Oh well, as long as he keeps doing movies like "Flight" as well, every now and then, it's fine with me!

Definitely one fine and original fresh movie to watch!


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  1. 10 year old son could have written a review with better grammar and spelling then this travesty.