Perhaps not everybody is going to like this movie but personally, I really did like it.

There were several reason for me to like this movie. One is its story and the way it's getting told. Not everything is always laid out clearly and sometimes stuff gets just implied, without showing you what actually happened. I like it that this short did this, since it saved some time for the short, allowing it to do plenty of other things and to help to keep things going at all times. Not every filmmakers has the guts to do this, especially not with short films. But there is also a good reason for this of course, since it's hard to do and to let it work out effectively. This movie had no problems with this though.

But there are more great and effective things about its story. Thing with it is that you are basically getting two movies in one. You think at first the movie is going to be just about a guy going through a depression or a midlife crisis but soon you start to realize there is actually more to the story and it takes sort of an unexpected twist, about half way through, without spoiling too much about it.

And I believe this is also exactly what shall split the people on this movie. Some of them will buy into it, while others perhaps may feel cheated or simply won't like the twist and the approach the movie is taking with its story after that point.

Having a good story is one thing but you still need to bring it effective and convincingly to the screen as well. And the movie has no real difficulties with this neither. It's a good looking movie, with a professional visual style to it, thanks to its cinematography, editing and directing. It's not just an average, low-budgeted, short outing but there obviously went some time and money into this project and some love and passion as well.

Definitely worth checking out!


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