This is a good example of a movie that starts of promising but completely falls apart toward its end.

It does at first seem like this movie is going to be a pretty original crime-thriller but it does make some bad choices with its story, after which the movie slowly starts to go from bad till worse.

The movie pretty soon becomes one with two simultaneous stories. One involving the evil, criminal and stone cold killer, played by Eric Bana. The other one involving the definitely less evil sister, played by Olivia Wilde. One is an action/thriller kind of plot, the other a more dramatic/romantic driven one. A pretty big contrast if you ask me and it also doesn't always works out too well. You constantly want the movie to get back to Bana's story, since that's the one with most tension and other interesting aspects in it. The movie however mostly focuses on the Olivia Wilde character and also gives her the most depth and things to do, probably because her name is currently the biggest draw for this movie.

The movie does attempt to bring both stories together again toward the end but this is actually where the movie starts to fall apart. It so unlikely and too heavily relies on its coincidences. It makes the movie ridicules and takes away all of the tension basically.

The movie obviously tries to be more than just an action/thriller flick and it tries to create some depth and drama, also with its characters but still the movie feels like a very shallow one. You don't ever quite enough care for any of the characters and some of the characters are even mostly wasted. It's true that the movie has one or two many characters in it, which in the end don't quite add enough to the movie and its story. They are needless distractions, though it probably at the same time also is true that they help to keep the movie going.

The concept of the movie gets tiresome but yet the movie never really becomes a slow or boring one as well. It's too fast paced for that, making this still a somewhat watchable movie. I mean, it obviously isn't one that will break any records or win any awards but then again, the majority of movies won't. The movie is what it is and still provides some entertainment and also shows some hints of a good and clever movie in it as well. It's too bad that the movie starts to fall apart after a while and never reaches its full potential, in any way or form. In that regard this movie is mostly a failure but still a watchable one!


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