When I was much younger I always used to love watching "Goof Troop", which really made me want to see this movie as well. Now, 17-years later, I finally got around watching it! Too later of course, since I would had obviously liked this movie much better as a kid.

Goofy is a great, fun, likable Disney character but this more is a Max movie really, who's Goofy's son. As Disney often attempted throughout the years, "Goof Troop" was an animated show made to update some of the classic Dinsey characters and placed them into the modern day world, to make things all hip and relevant again to watch for youngsters. This is most notable with the Max character, who's basically like every '90's teenager, listening to music, dressing cool and trying to be popular at school. Guess many teenagers at the time could really identify themselves with him, so it worked back then but most of the stuff feels terribly outdated by now already. It sort of makes it a shame that the movie isn't more focused on the Goofy character instead, who also is a far more universal and timeless character. Someone who could had provided the movie with plenty of goofy fun and slapstick kind of humor as well. That was mostly missing in this movie, since the actual movie seemed more focused on its story and messages.

As Disney movies often tend to feature, this movie also features plenty of messages in it, concerning family values and it's teaching kids to always tell the truth and you'll see everything works out peachy perfect for you, when you do so! I have never been a too big fan of animated movies featuring blatantly obvious messages in it, not even as a very young kid. And no, this movie is not being very subtle with any of it.

The main story itself is also being quite simplistic, which is not necessarily something I also would complain about, since it obviously helps to make this movie more accessible and fun to watch for the young ones, which this movie also got made for in the first place. Guess parents can also enjoy it good enough, since the movie also deals with parenthood and mostly the struggles of it.

The animations are most definitely not above the level of a standard "Goof Troop" episode. Let me just say that animation has definitely improved over the years and the straight to DVD stuff Disney usually produces now days is much better and far more impressive looking than this movie. But still, it's Disney, so it has plenty of quality to it and of course is not terrible looking by any means.

A thing that did annoyed me somewhat about this movie was the fact that it felt the need to have a song in it, every 5 minutes or so. Luckily the movie is short but still, there are 2 or 3 too many songs in this movie, which aren't exactly memorable or catchy ones to begin with. Again, it's mostly put in there to modernize the Disney universe, so prepare yourself for some very formulaic '90's songs in this.

It probably sounds like I absolutely hated watching this movie but in fact I still quite enjoyed it. I simply liked it good enough for what it was but it still remained blatantly obvious, all throughout, what a lacking and simplistic animated movie this actually was.


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