This is a movie I wouldn't even necessarily call a chick-flick. It's more a movie in the vein of TV-shows, that are orientated toward young women. So no, this movie clearly isn't made for me.

I can see how certain people can still really enjoy this movie but the same can be said for just about every movie, no matter how bad or formulaic they are. It obviously doesn't mean the movie is being a good one, just because it resonate well with certain demographics.

It's an incredible fluffy and happy-go-lucky type of movie, despite the fact that its main characters are being vampires. It's not about real problems or features any good drama in it but rather relies on having cute, righteous characters in it and all of the standard clich├ęs you would expect to see in a movie or TV series aimed toward young, single, woman, living in the big city. That means it has plenty of romantic elements to it, just not the realistic or original kind of romance. You could say it's perfect escapism for women but even most women will have to admit that this movie is hardly being the best or most original thing the genre has to offer.

It's kind of annoying that everything is taken so lightly by the movie. It deprives the movie of all of its potential and just doesn't make this the most exciting, involving or fun movie to watch. In all honestly this movie most likely would had worked out way better had it indeed been a TV-series instead. The characters and story lines would had worked out all way better that way and who knows, it might had become an hit, which is something this movie will absolutely never become.

And what is with Sigourney Weaver appearing in all these low-key movies lately, in small supporting roles? Is she trying to bank in before her retirement or perhaps she is afraid she won't get any offers anymore the moment she starts declining roles. Anyway, it's such a shame and waste to see her in these type of insignificant movies, playing insignificant roles. Same can be said for Malcolm McDowell, who also appears in this movie but he has been doing it for decades now, so nobody is surprised about this anymore.

It's not the worst thing you'll ever see but I still can't think of any good reasons why you should watch this movie in the first place.


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  1. You are, of course, entitled to your opinion, but I suggest you find an editor to help you before you post any more of your writing. This is probably the most poorly written "review" I have read in a long time.