This most definitely is not a bad movie but it might disappoint or confuse certain people, who were expecting something totally different from it.

It isn't really being an horror movie, maybe only just in its atmosphere. Other than that, it's better to describe this movie as a psychological thriller, with a mystery in it. Yes, there still are horror elements in the movie and its story but please just don't expect a slasher, or gory monster flick.

The movie as it is really doesn't offer any tense or exciting moments in it, unless you are really taken by the movie its story and mystery, which I just can't see really happening. It's not that the story is bad but it just isn't being interesting enough and seems to be lacking a certain amount of depth to its characters, which could had made them and the story a bit of a more involving and interesting one.

You could blame it on the budget that nothing good or interesting is ever happening in this movie but you could also simply blame it on its writing, which just was being a bit too simplistic and in this particular case perhaps also could had used some different side-plots and a few more important characters. It tries to do all of this but it just never really pushes through.

Not that the movie is being a boring one though. It still does plenty of things well and it absolutely is a good looking movie, that got well directed as well. You could however really tell that the film-makers were really held back by its budget, which did not allowed them to ever truly go all out on things. It's not an excuse for the film-makers for not being a tad bit more creative with things at times and it is mostly being a movie by the numbers, in which its mystery just never ever truly takes off. It rather tries to confuse you, as opposed to being a bit more clever and creative with things at times to truly surprise you and throw you off.

Because of this all, the twists and turns this movie takes don't really work out as well, as obviously was intended by the film-makers, which is being the main downfall for this movie. It still remains a perfectly watchable movie because it never gets a bad or boring one but it obviously is not being one that you just HAVE to see.


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