Can't claim this is a bad movie but it also has very little going on in it.

Not that it really matters all too much though. After all, this movie obviously is aimed toward young children and young girls in particular. I'm mostly talking about 10 and below. They will love the fairy- and other fluffy animal characters in the fantasy world and enjoy the movie for not having anything too complicated or serious in it. The movie doesn't even have a villain or a true 'conflict', that is present throughout the entire movie in it.

It makes this movie a pretty simple one really and is the foremost reason why it also feels as one that has very little going on in it. Things don't even seem all that well thought through really. The whole reason why Tinker Bell and Periwinkle aren't allowed to see each other seems very trivial and flimsy. Sure, I can sort of understand why they can't enter each others world but why can't they just meet at the border from time to time, while each of them stays at their own side. And surely it shouldn't be a problem at all for them to spend a few minutes at each others world, without doing any damage to anyone or anything. But of course I'm now thinking things through too hard and taking this movie far too serious. Again, it shouldn't matter all too much for a young girl, who watches this, that the story isn't anything all that solid.

And it's a Disney production, so of course it has some quality and plenty of know-how behind it. Visually and storytelling-wise there is also very little wrong with the movie. It's obviously a low budget production but the CG animations are most definitely more than acceptable.

It's no big surprise I wasn't too fond of this movie but no young girl is going to care about this and rightfully so. It remains a perfectly fun and charming little movie for them and that in the end is all what really matters.


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