Of course I have seen way, way, way worse genre movies but this one is still an awful one!

Basically i just don't like how this movie is constructed. The movie itself seems to be confused about what it wanted to be exactly, so it tried to be a whole bunch of different stuff, which never blends in very well with each other.

I'm not just talking about the blend of horror and comedy but specifically more so about the horror itself. The movie starts off as a typical ghost story, in which a bunch of teenagers get to an old empty house, in the middle of nowhere. It then appears as if the movie is going to turn into a typical slasher but eventually it's being nothing more but torture porn and it's just not being very good at it. It really makes the first half of the movie work out as completely redundant as well, since the movie is really doing its own thing during its second half, in which the movie goes off the rails and completely ignores following a story. All of the character and story development, which were minimal anyways, are thrown overboard and the movie starts showing people dying a violent death.

Reason why none of the torture porn aspects of the movie work out is because it just isn't anything realistic to watch. Yes, this is one of those modern horror movies that likes to use CGI effects, as opposed to practical effects. And I mean everything is CG about the movie its gore. There is absolutely nothing gory about fake CG blood and there is absolutely nothing effective about watching CG limbs getting chopped or blown off. The only way torture porn can work effective is when you see it and believe it at the same. You then can literally feel almost all of the pain and discomforted, while you are squirming in your chair. That's obviously not the case for this movie!

And it's weird how it obviously wants to be shocking and gory, yet funny as well, at the same time. The humor of the movie definitely also causes to let basically all of its horror and gory elements fall flat. It lets the comedy of the movie work out as something very awkward, more than anything else really. It keeps things unnecessarily light, while at the same time it's trying to be as gory as possible. It's a contradiction with this movie, I just can't understand and needless to say that it works out terrible.

Bad acting, bad storytelling, bad gore, bad horror. Really, plenty of reasons to never watch this film!


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