Man, what is it with all these horror movies lately that aren't even horror movies? Don't be fooled; this by no means is an horror movie, it's just disguised as one.

I just really don't get what they were thinking. This is a movie that hardly makes any sense and I just don't know where the movie its tension and mystery was supposed to come from. It's pretty obvious from pretty early on already what the 'mystery' is all about. They try to cover this up by having a 'suprise twist' at the very end but honestly, at that point you just don't care anymore about the movie and its story. Besides, it isn't a particularly strong or effective twist and it more feels like a twist that got put on the movie just for the sake of having a twist at the end. It wasn't needed and it most certainly didn't enhanced the quality of the movie or the enjoyment of it.

There were some serious pacing issues with this movie at times. For the longest time there is absolutely nothing happening in the movie. This isn't anything all too uncommon for an 'horror' movie. After all, the first half often gets used to establish its story, characters and mystery but the problem wit this movie is that nothing ever gets handled in a good or interesting way. Things just happen and the characters and their motivations and actions are hard to follow and understand at times. People fall in love for no apparent reason, people hate each other for no good reason. Really, a lot of things just don't make any sense in the story, especially not when you really start thinking back hard about it.

So this is not really an horror, then what is it? It's a thriller at best, just not a very thrilling one. Guess that the story still showed plenty of potential but perhaps the film-makers were too focused on doing things differently and not on making things good or interesting to follow. Reason why it still has an horror-look and horror title to it is probably because the movie otherwise would had been hard to sell. The title doesn't even make really sense for this movie. What street? And is it at the end? And so what if it is! The house is not what this movie is all about in the first place.

No, this movie is just a failed attempt at trying to create a scary, mysterious thriller. It's just never scary, never mysterious and never thrilling. It instead is often too slow, uninteresting and just not enjoyable to watch, in any way.


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