This movie is providing some harmless and fun enough entertainment but other than that, it's not being a great or original genre movie in any way or form.

Good thing about the movie is that it never bored or annoyed me with any of its jokes or characters but the bad news is that nothing about it ever stood out. The jokes don't exactly fall flat but they don't impress very much either. The movie will probably still put a smile on your face but it won't ever truly make you burst into laughing. As a movie it's being perfectly harmless and fun all but it's really missing 2 or 3 truly funny, impressive or memorable moments, that most other animated movies often have in it.

The story was also definitely lacking some more substance. It all was being some pretty simple and straightforward stuff, which is the foremost reason why this movie doesn't ever feels like the most original or impressive one. It has an entertaining- and potentially good and interesting main concept but you'll feel that the movie does far too little with all of it.

The many divers characters still help to keep the movie going and keep things fun and occasionally also fresh. The monster characters and the interaction they have with each other is where most of the movie its comedy comes from and this all works out perfectly fine.

It's also definitely true that its visuals help to make this a perfectly fun and watchable enough little movie. Genndy Tartakovsky's style is noticeable and the animation is perfectly smooth looking. Just compare this movie to a, lets say, computer animated movie from 5 years ago and you'll notice an huge difference. Every time you believe that animated movies just can't get any better or more smooth looking there comes out another movies that surprises you, in a positive way.

And please don't let its themes or concept scare you off, if you want to take you children to see this. It's really being a kids movie and there is nothing horror-like about this movie at all. Even while the monster of course look like monster, they are cuddly looking at the same time and only do a bunch of harmless and innocent stuff throughout the entire movie.

Not a movie that ever truly impresses but it's watchable enough entertainment, for a lazy afternoon.


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