This movie sounds like it's a comedy, or a the very least a campy and silly horror flick, so some people might actually be surprised to find out this is a very genuine and straightforward horror flick, even more straightforward than the usual vampire flick from around its time.

And I actually do believe this is the movie its greatest strength. It honestly really doesn't feature the best written or most original vampire story but because it plays things straight and handles this movie as a true horror flick, it still works out as something great and effective.

Not that the movie is a very scary one but the lovers of horror and vampire movies in particular shall still get a blast out of watching this. It has a good atmosphere and out of all the movies that puts the Dracula character, (even though in this movie he's named Count Yorga and supposedly is a totally different character, while he clearly isn't at all) in 'modern' times, this is one of the more effective ones.

It really is being somewhat of a modern take on the Dracula story and even the actor Robert Quarry looks like Christopher Lee, who was THE Dracula actor at the time, while playing the character. No doubt this all was intentional to draw in a couple of extra visitors and to 'fool' the audience at making them believe this was a genuine and official Dracula movie.

But it in fact is a quite different movie from the far better known Hammer studios and Lee Dracula productions. Both the horror- and storytelling approach are quite different and it perhaps is true this movie is better to watch for the more average moviegoer now days than any of the Hammer Dracula movies, that require a more certain taste. It's more involving to watch and none of the horror or genre clich├ęs work out as cheesy in this particular movie, no matter how formulaic it actually all is.

It's definitely one fine vampire flick, that is worth checking out!


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