This movie has low budget written all over it but in that regard I actually see this movie as quite an accomplishment. It's certainly far from an amateur like movie and it still has some fun to it as well.

It's obvious this is one of those movies in the vein of "Shaun of the Dead" combined with a sniff of "Whisky Galore!" perhaps. So yes, it's being a zombie flick but for the most part it isn't featuring any zombies in, so don't watch this movie expecting to get a lot of zombie fun and action out of it.

There are far too many random distractions in the first half movie that, as it later turned out, have absolutely nothing to do with the second half of it. It feels as if it only got put in there to help to make this movie longer than an hour but other than that, it adds very little to the character or story development of the overall movie and besides drags on for a bit too long. It could had cut to the chase way sooner and probably also should had done so. It would had made this movie a far more simple and straightforward one but at the same time also more fun and entertaining to watch.

Not that the movie is not fun enough as it is right now but it's one that perhaps also tries a bit too hard. It tries to create some comedy with every situation and character, which just was a bit too much, also since not just everything works all that well or funny for the movie.

And of course it's also due to the movie its low budget that not everything works out well and effective enough. The gore and blood for instance is also far from convincing looking. Looks like someone messed up the formula for creating fake blood and it just isn't natural looking at all. It's somewhat distracting but not half as distracting as its musical score which was just too prominently present throughout the entire movie and never seemed to stop.

But really, the movie is what it is and it's far from an horrible or annoying one. It definitely has some entertainment value to it, though this clearly is not a movie you should be running out for to see.


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