To be honest, this wasn't a completely bad movie. It's a very typical and standard, run of the mill, crime thriller, involving a homicide detective that is hunting down a professional serial killer.

Perhaps this movie suffered from too high expectations or hopes but it really isn't one that does an awful lot wrong. But then again, it also isn't exactly one that's doing anything too amazing, surprising or original. It still remains perfectly watchable all, especially for those who are fond of these type of crime thrillers.

Thing that makes this movie a very bland and easy to forget one though is that it isn't a very involving movie. You don't ever really get into any of the characters or emotions of the movie and you most likely won't feel grabbed by the movie its story neither. It's not just because it's being something very standard all but also because of its somewhat lacking execution.

The movie was having some serious pacing issues at times and the movie seemed to be lacking a good buildup to certain moments. You could say that the movie is being too slow and meaningless at certain times and too fast at others. It glosses over a lot of things with its story, making this a mostly ineffective movie to watch.

Another thing I don't really like about the movie is the way it handles its villain. He is supposed to be a very experienced and calculated killer but yet all of this plans seem to be hanging together by coincidences and it just doesn't ever make any sense why he is after Alex Cross in the first place, right until the very end, which is a pretty standard and formulaic 'twist' for the movie though.

And really, it's not like Tyler Perry is a horrible pick for the movie its lead but it's definitely true that his acting makes him more suitable for playing secondary characters, or sidekicks if you will. And that's how his role feels like; it feels like you're watching a second rate actor playing a first rate role. It doesn't feel right and it lets the main character come across as a very uninteresting and lifeless one. But while he is not right for the role, he is not the main reason why the movie and its main character doesn't ever work out quite as well as intended. Blame the formulaic writing and standard directing approach for that instead!

It really is far from the worst thing you'll ever see but it's nothing to get very excited about neither.


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