On the one hand I really want to be positive about this movie, since it's definitely a better entry than most other recent modern horror flicks but on the other hand, the movie at the same time has very little new to offer and is being a bit too simplistic and formulaic.

The foremost reason why this movie still seems to be working out so well is because of the way it got done. It's definitely a fine made movie and despite its low budget, this is definitely some quality stuff.

The problems are more with its story. It's not just that it isn't being anything original but it's also a problem that there isn't always an awful lot happening in the movie. You also definitely feel that the movie could had gotten to its point way earlier on already, also since we all basically know from the start on already what direction the movie shall go at with its story. The movie itself however still tries to surprise you and keep you in the dark for too long, which can get a bit annoying. It could had worked if the movie indeed pulled off something original or did something unexpected half way through but the movie really never does any of this.

I also do feel that the movie is stuck somewhere between two different styles. In essence this is being a typical and serious genre flick, while the movie at times also picks a more light tone, with some of its characters and relieving comedy. It's not always balanced out that well and this mostly goes at the expense of the movie its horror.

No, this by no means is being a very scary horror flick. It doesn't have any jump scares and it's also a movie without any blood or gore in it. For its horror, it mostly relies on its atmosphere and its build up to things but since there isn't really ever a good payoff to things, the horror mostly falls flat. Especially for those who are familiar with the genre and have seen dozens of movies, that all are very similar to this one, already.

I still really do feel that I should give the movie some credit. Like I said before, it's absolutely way better and also a better made movie than just the average modern genre attempt but it's a problem that not everything in it works out for its horror and that the movie is being just a tad bit too standard and also simplistic with its story.

With just a bit more originality to it, this movie would had been great! I now really can't call it more than just a better than average one.


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