This movie is a bad one, on very many levels but what is the worst thing about it is that it doesn't work out at all the way it wants to.

Yes, this is one of those 'found' footage movies again, which is a sub-genre that is seriously starting to wear off but besides, this just isn't a very good movie within its genre.

First of all, it tries to pass itself off as one that got based on true events and everything that will be shown in this movie has not been altered in any way. Who were they trying to kid here, a bunch of 8-year old's? It's ridicules and something that shall already throw off a bunch of people, once this all gets shown, at the start of the movie.

But second of all, it just doesn't ever work out as a convincing found footage movie. Everything is perfectly framed, it even uses multiple camera-angels for one scene at times and the images are never out of focus, or anything like that at all. In other words; it's a too 'perfect' and clean looking movie. Seriously, this movie doesn't even look or feel like this is a found footage movie you are watching here!

Certain cheaply done movies could still pass themselves off as a found footage or fake documentary because they manage to find a way to come across as something convincing. This movie never does. Not with its story, not with its events and most certainly also not with its acting. Seriously, forget about the dinosaurs, it really are the actors who are walking around in this that make this movie a terribly unconvincing one.

This also really isn't a movie to have some fun or a good time with. It's a lackluster movie, that mostly shall just bore you and doesn't let anything good or exciting happen in it. It really does a poor job at building up any tension for the movie. You just never get a sense of danger while watching this, despite the fact that the lives of all the characters are constantly in danger. The story does absolutely nothing clever or original to grab or surprise you, making this movie a disappointing and boring one, that shall not even please or entertain the dinosaur lovers out there.

The special effects are also definitely below par, which of course doesn't add to the overall credibility of the movie. At times they tried to hide it by letting the movie become extremely dark, so you can hardly see a thing, which is always a sign that a movie has some bad special effects in it and the film-makers were very well aware of it as well.

There just is no good reason to ever see this! It's a bad movie all the way through, that doesn't offer any entertainment or adds anything new.


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