What to expect from a comedy about the end of world? Well, nothing too cheerful or uplifting you would expect but actually the movie in fact does manage to feel like a positive and uplifting one, which perhaps was the biggest surprise about the movie.

I never expected much good from this movie but it surprised me, in a positive manner. It was better written than I anticipated and the comedy and drama elements were all balanced out well and effectively enough. It's not a movie that shall depress you and it ain't one that shall make you laugh out loud either. It's a more cute and subtly done movie, that still goes over-the-top with certain situations but manages to feel like a warm and honest, realistic movie, involving some likable characters. Not everything works out and some stuff does indeed feel a bit redundant or tends to let the movie drag a little but overall as a whole the movie still works out very well.

No, you don't have to be a big Steve Carell at all to enjoy this movie. It's definitely a more straight comical role by him and this movie demonstrates that he can handle drama just as well. Vice versa this is also being the case for Keira Knightley. She demonstrates she can play a slightly more comical character than usual and as a matter of fact, she is actually playing more of a comical character than Steve Carell. It's not a movie that will win them any big awards but both actors most definitely did a capable job and are a big part of the reason why the movie works out effectively, with both its drama and comedy.

It's a movie that is being very honest and straightforward with its subjects. It doesn't try to bloom anything, or pretend that there still is a glimmer of hope for the movie its main characters. The world is going to end in just a couple of days, it's as simple as that and the movie focuses on what people would do during the last days of their lives, knowing that the end is near. And this is actually were the movie its warmth comes from. You could even say this is being a feel good movie, as strange as that may sound.

It was a real accomplishment that this movie felt like an uplifting one. Perhaps it's also due to it that is simply embraces its main premise, from the very first seconds on already. What follows is a movie that never gets too heavy with any of its drama and never to goofy with any of its comedy. It's really well balanced, all throughout the entire movie, making "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" a surprisingly good movie to watch.


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