This movie was rather confusing and not for any of the right reasons. It still remains unclear to me what this movie was trying to do and say or what it wanted to be exactly. Was it trying to be a supernatural thriller or a more serious and straightforward one? The movie keeps throwing you around, without telling you exactly what is going on and how to take the movie.

It's the sort of thriller with a mystery in it. Only problem with the mystery though is that for the longest time it doesn't tell you what it's all supposed to be about. It's the sort of the movie that doesn't even drop you any hints as to where the movie will be heading at with its story and what its 'conflict' and reveal is going to be all about. It deliberately keeps you in the dark on just about everything, which to me, is always a sign of lazy writing and filmmaking.

I even dare to say that the movie feels pointless and during the first half of the movie, it really isn't going anywhere. I still don't really get the point of the movie and its story. It could had been an interesting one that showed a supernatural story from a different side; from the side of skeptics who unmask clairvoyants and attempt to explain 'paranormal activities' but the movie just never goes anywhere interesting or thought provoking with any of its themes or moments.

I was still somewhat with the movie for its first half. Even while it wasn't really going anywhere, I still kept faith in it and was hoping for some great and clever developments that would reveal what the movie was truly supposed to be all about. but after the first half, the movie is starting to take some even more annoying and silly approaches to its subject. It just never gets a clever or involving enough movie to watch.

It's a shame all, since I definitely could still see its potential. This also explains why the likes of Sigourney Weaver, Robert De Niro and Cillian Murphy got themselves involved with this movie. It had some good ideas in it but ultimately the movie just never handles any of them right or interestingly enough.

No, not even the actors could bring this movie to an higher level. Robert De Niro especially gives a very bleak performance, as if he wasn't giving everything because he realized this movie he got himself involved with wasn't going to be all that great. Sigourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy are still fine in their roles and they deserved to be in a better movie really.

Not a horrible movie by any means but I still don't really known what the movie was trying to do or say and who it got made for exactly. It's unnecessarily mysterious and doesn't ever feel like a surprising or engaging movie.


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