It's obvious this movie was trying to be like one of those typical little British crime movies, even though it's a remake of a Danish movie, by Nicolas Winding Refn, who also helped to produce this remake. It tries hard but mostly fails sadly.

It's a huge problem for the movie that it just doesn't have a likable main character in it. He's a low life criminal and throughout the movie doesn't ever does anything that makes you sympathize for him, or makes you care about his fate. And because you don't ever care enough about its main character, it's also hard to care about anything else that is going on in this movie.

Besides, the story itself seemed to be a bit too simplistic. You feel that if the story had a bit more layers and characters involved it would had made things not only more interesting but also more pleasant to watch. Nothing truly clever or surprising ever happens in the movie and the movie offers absolutely nothing to those who already are very familiar with the British crime movie genre. It's too involved with its one main character, who just isn't all that interesting or likable. It basically under uses every other character that is in the movie and it even completely drops some characters, that at first sight seemed to have plenty of potential in them and it also looked like they were going to play a big and important role for the movie. But no and what is just as bad is the fact that all of the characters that are in it, are basically being some one dimensional stereotypes, we so often get to see in these type of movies.

Because it's hard to care about anyone of anything that happens in this movie, the movie itself also tends to feel a bit overlong, even while its only being around 90 minutes short. It might also be due to it that nothing truly good or interesting ever happens in the movie, though the movie definitely still showed some potential for plenty of good and original stuff.

It's also not being a particularly raw and tough movie. There is very little violence in the movie and even lesser blood for instance. So it really isn't being an edgy movie and perhaps it's true that the movie tries to play things too safe, in every regard. It didn't made its main character a complete tough guy, it doesn't have a lot of violence in it and it's not trying to surprise you in any way really. All sings that the movie was trying to play things safe, with as a result a very average and typical genre attempt, that's even less enjoyable or good to watch than most of the other similar type of genre movies out there.

Even though I haven't seen it, I think it's safe to say you're better off sticking to the original!


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  1. So you write a review bashing everything about a movie then finish it by saying you havnt seen the movie?? I came here from imdb because you also thought it should go there.

    I loved the original of this movie and I havnt seen the new one and I do doubt it will compare to the original maybe you should watch a movie before you complain about every little thing in it.