This is by no means a great movie but it's good to watch when you have nothing else to do and just want to have a good time. It's entertainment and well made entertainment as well.

The movie is what it is. It doesn't pretend to be any more or less than it is and that's what I liked about the movie. It feels like an honest made movie, made with the best of intentions and it seemed that everybody involved had a great time while making it.

The movie is being very straightforward with its story and due to its fast pace there is no real room for any distractions. They threw in a couple of side-plots but it never works out as anything that distracts from the main story. It's truly part of the reason why this movie is a good and pretty entertaining watch.

Even if you don't really get what its main story is supposed to be all about, chances are you'll still really enjoy watching this film. The entertainment, the action, the characters and the pace keep the movie going at all times, so there truly is always something happening and there never really is a slow moment in it. The movie simply takes you on an entertaining ride and you just have to go along with it and take things as they happen in order to enjoy the movie.

Never really thought about it that way but after watching this movie I realized that Joseph Gordon-Levitt actually could turn out to be a pretty decent action star as well. He maybe doesn't have the right looks for it but still his charisma and acting abilities ensures he could pull off certain sequences great and convincingly. I truly believe that after this movie he shall receive more action orientated roles which shall give his career an even bigger boost, I predict.

Honestly, this is not a movie that will be on any of my top lists but it's a movie that simply serves its purpose and serves it well!


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