By all means this should had been an entertaining movie. I mean, it had all the right potential for it and its concept is one that normally makes for a good and enjoyable movie. But the movie just never really becomes one and seems to have a hard time knowing what to do with its concept.

This movie sounds like its being one in which its two main characters are on a road trip, while being chased by different parties, for different reasons. And in its core this might be still true for this movie but simple truth remains that the movie never feels like a fun chase movie.

It's all foremost really due to its writing, which just isn't ever being anything all that great or clever. Especially the dialog gets horrendous at times and is just about as poorly written as its comedy. Seriously, I just can't see anyone finding this movie to be funny. It's all incredibly lame and forced stuff, that all shows that Dax Shepard isn't an experienced writer yet and should definitely get someone else, or at least someone else involved, to write his movie.

To me, this movie seemed nothing more but an excuse for Dax Shepard and his partner Kristen Bell and friends to have some fun and make a movie together. I wish that the fun also transfered to the movie itself but it just never really did. I'm sure that Shepard had fun driving the many cool looking cars in this movie but he should had been more concerned about making this a fun viewing experience for its audiences.

And its not just the comedy that is poorly written and handled but also the main story in general. For the longest time it isn't going anywhere at all and the movie seemed to be struggling to set up the right tone and atmosphere as well during its first 30 minutes or so. It's all over the place and tries to be far too many different things all at once, of which none really works out interesting or effectively enough.

There is not much good I can say about this movie, other than I didn't completely hated it. Guess this movie is still being a bit of an accomplishment when considering its limited budget and the fact that it had a lot of inexperienced people behind the cameras involved. At least the movie has a good and professional look to it and never becomes a boring one, since it just doesn't ever slow down.

But overall, there still is no good reason why you should ever watch this!


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