Oh yes, of course this movie is ridicules and in a way also a bad one. But it's simply true that movies such like this one are simply fun to watch.

The movie simply serves its purpose, you could say. It's just being a dumb action flick, in the vein of the '80's genre movies, that uses a simple and straightforward concept and features plenty of action in it.

The fact that this movie so often picks a simple and straightforward approach also ensures that it's being filled with some incredibly dumb moments. But it really is not annoyingly dumb but more dumb and simplistic in a fun and innocent kind of way. This is certainly a movie you could sit down for and simply have a good time with, without having to worry too much about the story or all of the different character's motivations.

It's a revenge flick. as plain and simple as that. Not a spectacular and original one in any way but then again, it also most certainly is not as bad as some other generic and predictable genre movies out there. At least this movie still has plenty to offer, entertainment-wise.

It has some pretty hard action in at times, which is always neat to see for an action genre lover. It's not like there's an awful lot of blood in this but a lot of gruesome stuff gets implied, which does work out effective for this particular movie. It's not something I normally like in an action movie. I mean, don't just imply! You should either show and do stuff or you shouldn't do it at all. But yes, it still does work out well for this movie, since it all got done in a convincing way, with the occasional gruesome sound-effect of a limb that gets broken. All of course done by non other than Steven Seagal himself!

Luckily this is not really a movie or type of role that requires Steven Seagal to do an awful lot of acting in it. He mostly relies on just his natural charisma and fighting skills for this movie and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as the movie benefits from all of this, as it does in this case. I'm most definitely not a Seagal fan but I really did like him in this particular movie and it's definitely true that without him this probably would had been one awful genre flick!

Of course there is nothing too brilliant or original about this movie but it most certainly is a decent watch!


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