This is not a movie that shall win any big awards and its a movie that most people most likely will never get to watch but that doesn't mean it's being a terrible movie though. It just happens to be one that is lacking in certain departments and never makes a big or lasting impact with anything but is still being good enough one to watch.

The foremost problem with the movie is that it's being one that solely relies on its concept and not necessarily its comedy writing. It thinks that having a funny and absurd concept equals a funny comedy but it of course really doesn't work like that. It means that the movie is somewhat lacking in its writing and most definitely with its comedy as well. The characters for instance never come quite across, as fun, quirky or likable enough ones, while this was obviously the approach the film-makers were aiming for.

It tried to be like a fun, cute, heartfelt, warm, independent comedy, with a young kid in it, playing an important role but the movie really is lacking the right required warmth and depth to ever work out as a cute and involving one. Again, you should blame the writing, that besides focuses on far too many different characters.

You also feel that the movie really could had used a good and well known comedy actor in it, playing one of the lead roles. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of great and well known actors in this movie but what it is missing is a charismatic comedy actor who can handle its comedy and timing better and turn some average comedy scenes into something truly hilarious.

There are plenty of well known actors in this (Jennifer Garner, Alicia Silverstone, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Ty Burrell, etcetera) but none of them truly makes a lasting impression. Besides, some of them only appear in small roles, such as Hugh Jackman. And while Olivia Wilde is fine, in more than one way, her character sort of goes to waste in this movie. I could see the movie its intentions with her but as it turned out, her character is actually being one the movie could had easily done without. It's also partly due to it that the movie lets her do some very random stuff at times, that have nothing to do with the movie its main story.

The movie also shows some hints of a social satire in it but it just isn't being quite witty enough to let it all truly work out. Again, it's a sign of the movie its aspirations and intentions but due to it writing, it just never takes off.

It's still an harmless and fun enough little movie to watch but at the same time it also is really being a movie you could real easily do without.


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