Chances are that Batman lovers are going to eat this movie up regardless of everything. Personally I definitely had some problems with this animated movie but overall it could still please me for most part.

The thing that makes this movie different from any of other Batman movies, animated or real life, is the fact that this focuses on the old Bruce Wayne/Batman. He's already in retirement but of course he suits up again, once Gotham falls under the control of criminals, once again. So even while this movie features an older Batman, it still all feels very familiar and the movie, in my opinion, didn't ever do quite enough with the concept of having an older Batman in it. Bottom-line basically is that the movie features an original concept but in essence is just like any other Batman outing.

You feel that this is a movie that needed to have some more depth in it, with both its character and story. In that regard this movie definitely has some missed opportunities but perhaps they were just more focused on telling an entertaining story and to let Batman take on some familiar and some new adversaries.

But that brings me to another problem as well; it's have a good main villain in it. Two-Face is in the movie for a short while but he by no means is the main villain of the movie. The main villain is a mutant leader, who looks imposing but simple fact remains that he gets introduced into the movie far too late. We don't see him until the movie is halfway through already, giving him very little time to set himself up as a good character and successful main villain for the movie. Perhaps this is all due to it that this movie is part of a two parter. "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2" gets released next year and basically is going to be nothing more but a continuation of all of the events in this movie.

I kind of liked the animation style though. I don't know why but big square type of things always seems to suit the Batman universe for me. And the animation style of this movie definitely seems to be focused on that as well. It's not necessarily one of those realistic looking animated movies, which to me, often enhances the whole fantasy aspect of the movie and helps to create an universe of its own, with also its own rules.

The animation was especially great during all of its action moments. And luckily this movie indeed has plenty of action in it to enjoy! really, even a 55-year old Batman still has some moves in him and isn't afraid- or backs down for anyone.

One of the things I never can get excited about, in regard to this type of animated movies, is its voice work. These type of movies always make it apparent to me that voice actors just aren't the greatest actors in the world. They often deliver their lines in a hammy way and it never sounds as if the actors truly ever were interacting with each other, which all probably is true as well, since it's fair to assume that each actor recorded their lines individuality and therefore probably never even met any of the other voice actor who were working on the project. And at some times Peter Weller's voice sounded just right for the Bruce Wayne/Batman part, while at others he just fumbled it. I overall still give him the benefit of the doubt just because he is Peter Weller and he is awesome.

A bit too simplistic, since things often simply just happen in the movie and it really could had used dome more depth but the movie at least still manages to entertain and to look well!


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