Seems that most people are split on this movie. Guess it's being a case of you'll either love it or hate it. And even though I most definitely did not loved this movie, I was definitely able to appreciate it and like it for what it was!

At least thing you can say about it, even if you didn't liked it, is that it's taking an original take on the found footage genre. I definitely mostly got fed up with this genre, some movies ago already and grew tired of movies using hand-held, shaky cams. It worked out quite well for this movie however in my opinion. It worked out successful because they combined it with a classic horror sub-genre; the horror anthology genre, that basically is being a movie with a bunch of short and individual segments, each often featuring their own story and characters, like this movie does as well.

The stories on their own probably wouldn't had been solid or original enough to turn into a full length movie but as shorts they are definitely bearable and even have plenty of good elements in them. It's always a sort of a problem that these type of movies often featuring 1 or 2 truly good and successful short stories and the rest is being just average, or even below that level. That's not really the case for this movie though. Each story has something good and interesting about it and I can't really name 1 that stands out or was being below average. It's a pretty consistent movie all the way through, even while the stories aren't being really connected and each one got done by a different director and cast & crew involved.

Can't really say this is being a very scary movie, unless you're one of those persons that easily gets startled by a sound in the background or stuff that gets only implied. It still has a great classic horror feel to it, even though its taking a modern approach. I also sincerely therefore do believe that most horror lovers shall be able to appreciate this movie and might even fall in love with it, as many other people already seem to have done. There is also still being a decent amount of gore and some good effects present in this movie.

The whole concept is being still a bit faulty though. I mean, it's sort of ridicules once you start paying attention to it, as to how much stuff got filmed by the characters in this movie. Nobody ever thinks about stop filming and start becoming busy trying to run or survive. But that's just something that is an integrated part of the found footage genre and something you more or less have to take for granted, when watching a movie like this.

It also was sort of annoying how nothing ever really got explained in this movie. It doesn't explain where the monsters or killers came from, or what they wanted exactly and what happened after the camera's went dark. There just hardly is any background for any of the stories. Most people won't be troubled by this though and will just have a good time watching this, like I, for most part, did as well.

In my opinion nothing more and nothing less but an enjoyable and fine modern take on the anthology horror sub-genre. No doubt that it shall spawn a couple of sequels or rip-offs. After all, these type of movies are fast and cheap to produce and highly profitable.


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